Our motivation is to make people’s
life easier and to build a better world
through design.

We’ve been working remotely
and flexibly since 2015.

We are people with different abilities
and ways of thinking. We are inspired
by our day-to-day life, with travels, books,
yoga, art, nature, music and silence.

More than a team, we are a family.

Juan Carlos

"Trazo Vivo is a place where I’ve developed abilities I could never have imagined. I like working here because I get to collaborate with many wonderful people. Trazo Vivo is a path that provides freedom."


"Working in Trazo Vivo optimizes your own resources, in terms of mobility and time, but always following the working flow of the team. It is a friendly and warm environment to work. A place that provides a space to converse with friends with total confidence. ".


“I like working at Trazo Vivo because it has given me new challenges. I have also learned to be more responsable. I like that I can work at my own rhythm, in my own time and based on results. "


"I like the opportunity of being part of a diverse and multidisciplinary team. I identify with that since my own journey has not been straight-lined."

Miguel Ángel

"I like working at Trazo Vivo because we all agree on what the meaning of work should be. We believe in each other’s work. It is definitely a place where you can learn".

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