Cultural Institute of Mexico in Germany

The Cultural Institute of Mexico in Germany is is a space for the diffusion and promotion of the different expressions of Mexican art, culture and traditions in Germany. For the development of the visual identity of the institute, we got inspired by the building of the embassy of Mexico in Germany, headquarters of the Institute.

The building is a game of solidity and transparencies that creates different effects depending on the position from which it is observed. We represent the solidity with a square. A basic geometric figure that symbolizes stability.

One of the elements that gets the attention is the portal and the triangular entrance that offers a strong impression of architectural plasticity. We represent this dynamism through a pattern of diagonal lines, which create a sensation of motion.

Inside, there is a cylinder that unifies the entire building and that can be integrated into the multipurpose room for social activities. We represent this encountering effect with a pattern of circles. They symbolize movement, the meeting of ideas and the coincidence.

Visual identity leads to brand recognition and value. Consistency in communication must help us to build trust in our audience.

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