Natur Poesie

It is a book of contemporary Mexican poetry, published by the Cultural Institute of Mexico in Germany. It‘s german translation offers a fascinating overview of the diversity of contemporary Mexican poetry, bringing it closer to the european reader.

The anthology emphasizes the co-constitution of nature and culture and the interdependencies between human and non-human.

To represent the concept of interdependence we use a typographic pattern generated by the word itself. In this way, the concept is always present without being obvious, because in our understanding, those connections we know are there, but they are not evident and that is what makes the world a magical relationship.

Through literary translation, the Institute aims to bring Mexican poetry closer to the world of literature in Germany, generate opportunities for poets in Europe, and speak about the urgent issue of nature, parting from the sanctuary of poetry.

Through typography we generate textures that become shapes.

The medium is the message.

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